Thursday, August 12, 2010

Epic Fail

Ok so today Dr became officially too big to sit on my bed without falling off. Guess how I know? Yeah, he fell.. He fell onto carpet. He was scared but otherwise un-hurt which is wonderful. What would be even more wonderful is if he didn't fall at all. He's not crawling yet or even scooting but he's strong. I was 3 feet away and literally took my eyes off him for like 1 minute. If that. Everyone I talked to said it happens to everyone. Which is comforting but with my perfectionist tendencies I'd like to have been the mom that never happened to.
Too late!!! Oh well. I've learned my lesson. He's keeping his bottom on the floor, surrounded by blankets for the rest of his life. Wait, is that too extreme??
Yes, I told Dave and no, he didn't yell at me. We just decided to try to avoid this kind of drama (i.e. Injuring the baby) as best we can from now on.

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  1. Yeah, it's best to avoid injuring them yourself, because they find tons of ways to do it on their own. Like today, for example.