Thursday, August 12, 2010

Day Care Awesomeness

I've been taking DR to day-care at Linda Kimball's house for the last couple of weeks and I'm loving it! I only take him like, 2 afternoons a week just so I can get some writing done and some Visalus stuff.  I can do hair with a babysitter at home ok, but writing.. focusing? Ugh!! So anyway I thought it would be good for little guy to get some social interaction and some time on his own and sure enough it's awesome!
I've known Linda for about 10 years and she has watched many of my friend's kids. She has also watched my nephew - Aiden. And she's always done a great job.. She does games, she makes adorable little lunches.. The kids have a play house out back and a swing set. And her house is absolutely spotless!! She will even help with potty training and pacifier habit-breaking. She's like a mom away from mom:0) 
If you need part time or full time day care for your little ones you should give her a call. She needs some new kids:0) I can't recommend her enough!! 
Her number is 408-270-5297

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